• "Je voudrai vous dire un grand merci a toute l'equipe pour votre professionalisme et votre grande gentillesse durant toute la durée de mes soins dentaire. Vous êtes formidable et je recommanderai votre clinique a mon entourage. Merci encore et a bientôt."

    Marthe Hanten
  • "During my holiday in Portugal I fell during jogging, and one of my front teeth was partially knocked out and I experienced trauma in my mouth. I needed immediate help and was not sure whom to turn to or what to do, since I was far away from Sweden and my ordinary dentist. Just by coincidence, I entered Clinica Vanda Gandum and asked for help. From the first moment I felt welcomed and taken care of; from the receptionist to all the dentists I faced in treatment. I did not have to wait more than just 10 minutes, then I was placed in the chair and given very good care in the acute phase. The dentist even managed to create a plastic tooth identical to the original. It took them several hours, but they provided excellent care to a very small cost. I am glad that I found this clinic and can really recommend it to others. Of course, you never wish to experience accidents while you are on vacation, but I could not have been given better help. Thank you!"

    Anna Therése Wissö
  • "Je voudrais témoigner pour dire que j'ai vraiment apprécié les soins de votre clinique. Je suis arrivé en urgence et j'ai de suite été pris en charge de manière professionnelle et amicale. J'ai eu un traitement de racine et une couronne, tout s'est très bien passé et les coûts étaient très raisonnables, ayant même eu la première consultation en urgence gratuite. Tout l'équipe est sympathique, la clinique est moderne, les soins bien réalisés, je recommande vivement!
    J'autorise la clinique à publier ce message."

    Frédéric Loudet.
  • "I am delighted to share my testimony, implants on four all, without pain, without fear, and with the utmost professionalism, all led by a fantastic team. Thank you Dra. Vanda, thank you Dr. Gandum, and to all the team involved, regaining my smile my self esteem was undoubtedly the best that happened to me, you are fantastic.”

    Rosa Silva

  • "On the past February 26th, I moved and spent most of that day in your facilities to perform a rehabilitation treatment for implants and fixed teeth on the same day. Only 2 weeks passed. The differences are noticeable. The following days were not too difficult to bear, thanks to the good prescription medication support. For all, I want to thank the whole team that supported me during the almost 10 hours of intervention. As I do not want to forget anyone just say that each convey and performed their duties in a very humane, loving, caring and extremely professional. Keep it up, for the path to success is so brilliant. Thank you for everything, with the assurance that I am promoting and recommending the clinic's services. One of these days I will pay a visit to thank the services of the clinic.”

    Pedro Tralhão
      • I have been going to the clinic for a while whenever necessary, both me and my family. The excellence of the service, the trust and informality of the service provided, the fantastic atmosphere they have, make the myth of going to the dentist for me and my family a very pleasant appointment where the beautiful smiles are well used.
      • I want to thank the entire Clinica team and continue to be professional and friendly these days is a great asset to the client.
    • Joaquim Jales, 45 anos, Tec gestão, Alhos Vedros
  • "At Vanda Gandum Clinic, the excellence of the service, the trust and informality in the service provided, the fantastic atmosphere they have, make the myth of going to the dentist a very pleasant consultation where beautiful smiles are well used."

    João Lopes, 37 anos, Empresário, Setúbal
  • "I want to congratulate the Doctors of the Clinic Dr. Vanda Gandum, because placing an implant is extremely simple and without any pain. I felt like a natural tooth again."

    Cláudia Seixas, Empresária, Setúbal
      • This is where I also stopped having a panic about going to the dentist.
      • To date I have never felt a single pain. A very special kiss for all the affection to my dear Dr. Rita Francisca !!
      • Cláudia Sedas, Setúbal
  • "For several years now, I have been treating my depleted teeth at Vanda Gandum Dental Clinic. Always with excellent conditions of hygiene, safety, professionalism and above all a lot of sympathy and this is priceless."  

    António Castro e Melo, Técnico de Laboratório, Palmela
      • "To the team that brought back a beautiful smile, and willingness to thank you.for professionalism, dedication."
      • "They got me to stop being afraid to go to the dentist.Now if I was presided I go every week.Thank you once again, all the medical staff, assistants, Dr. Raquel Coelho, Sara Pimpao, Ludovina Anatonio, Elisabete Cascao, all the my special greetings, and best wishes to you."
      • Vitor Rodrigues, Pinhal Novo
  • "I never thought that placing an implant was so simple, fast, without any pain or discomfort, not even a swelling. I was surprised even with the follow up of the Clinical body after the surgery."

    Nuno Rodrigues, Empresário, Barreiro
  • Seven days after the All-on-Four advanced technique surgery performed by a fantastic team that I had the privilege of meeting, I want to share my immense joy, gained a new smile that makes me a more confident and free person. .Thank you Dr. Vanda Gandum and all this fantastic team that changed my smile to make a dream come true that I never imagined achieving. ”

    Cristina Anjo

  • "Before and after After two years I must say that I am amazed by the work that Dr. Vanda Gandum has performed! Ana Rita Piuça View
      • “I would give 1000 stars to this clinic if I could, team of the most professional I have ever seen, unparalleled sympathy, I trust 500% in your work! I just have to thank for everything they have done for me, THANK YOU to everyone and a continuation of one excellent work!”

      • Paulo Monis